Day 7 – Week 1 End

I may have jinxed myself yesterday when I said I had eaten 3 meals a day. Because today, I only had breakfast. The rest of the day was kind of lost in the shuffle of creating next week’s meal plan, grocery shopping, and work. For breakfast, I had egg and rice pancakes, which I was […]

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Day 6

It’s day 6, and I have had 3 meals a day this whole week. That has got to be some kind of record! For breakfast, I was in a bit of rush, so I didn’t have time to cook more rice (again) so I just had a fried egg. It really is my favorite way […]

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Day 5

Since I didn’t have time to make more rice yesterday, I just had an omelet for breakfast. It was very small because it was only 1 egg, but it was okay. I used the last of the meat I cooked for the kimbap as my omelet filling. For lunch, I didn’t have kimbap. I used […]

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Day 4: Dinner

Sometimes you have to break your menu plan. Either because didn’t plan right, or because someone invited you over for a meal. Here’s some advice: Unless you absolutely HATE the person or can’t because of prior engagements, take the invite. It saves you money. My mom invited me for dinner (mostly because I was already […]

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Day 4: Lunch

I used the last of my cooked rice to make kimbap. Oops. I thought it would stretch a little further. Guess I have to make more in the morning. I made a super simple version of Korean kimbap, with just thinly sliced carrot and beef as the center. I was able to put it all […]

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Day 4: Breakfast

I had to look up how to boil an egg because it’s been so long. That’s a little embarrassing. My breakfast looked so boring and all white today.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a meal quite so overwhelmingly monochromatic. Thankfully it looked a little better with the egg up open to reveal the perfectly […]

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Day 3: Dinner

I procrastinated making dinner for a while. Today’s dinner of black beans and rice was probably the easiest to put together. All I did was put the pre-cooked rice and black beans in the microwave for a minute and a half and I’m done. But dinners are usually my weak point. Usually, because after work […]

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